Monday, July 18, 2011

Cricut in a box.....

Since I am in the process of moving back to my home state of Michigan, (YAY!!), my Cricut machines are trapped in boxes just dying to come out and PLAY!!!  I can't wait to reach my destination at the end of the month and get my new craft room set up and decorated!! 

I MISS CRAFTING!!!'s all good!  I'm heading HOME where I belong! Dorothy knew what she was talking about....There really is NO PLACE like home!!

I'll get some pics and projects posted as soon as possible! 

Until then,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cupcake Wrapper FUN!!

I have been cuttin' up with my favorite bug over the past couple of days!  I've made several cupcake wrapper designs and BOY are they ever C U T E!!! I actually went to a local Bakery here in town and asked the girl at the counter to freeze one of their sweet cupcakes so that I could get it home safely.  Since it has been near 90 degrees for the last few days, I did NOT want it to melt before my big photo shoot! 
I am posting some of the pics I took (if I can figure out just HOW to do that).......Hope you enjoy them! 
I also made the display banner for the wall as part of the "shoot"....This is from the Imagine Yummy cartridge...I think it is my favorite...(but then, I have a LOT of favorites)!! ~twinkle~

Monday, May 30, 2011

Oooo...What a BUSY(Buggy?)...Day!

OK...I think I have a few of the Blogging basics down in order to at least post.  Trying hard to get the hang of it. I CAN do this!!  ~giggles&grins~ Anyhoo...I decided to make a few cupcake wrappers on my Cricut Imagine, via my Gypsy....( I really    L. O. V. E. my Gypsy!!   I call it GL...."Gypsy Love"...yes, I'm a total goof!! ).  I used the Easter 2010 cartridge for this project and they all turned out most FAB!!!  HOORAY!!! I am hoping to maybe start a little "work from home" gig with these little beauties!  (I will be posting some pics as time & talent allows...HA!).
Ooooo, Speaking of Cupcake Wrappers....I purchased the Lite cart the other day at Wal-Mart and have played around with that a bit using the Cricut Design Studio.  It's a bit difficult getting all the sizing just right, but the designs are very cute! I'll keep moving forward until I get it right!!!!  Did I mention I AM very determined???  ~grin~

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today's the day!!

I'm pretty excited!  Today is the day I decided to join all my blogger pals in cyber world! I have no idea what I'm doing at this point but I'm determined to figure it all out!!!  Wish me luck, kiddos!
So now....A little  about what brought me here in the first place.  I figured I needed an outlet for my creativity and a blog is a great place to showcase some of my crafts. As the name implies....I'm addicted to Cricut!!  I'm not ashamed to admit that I am in CRAZY LOVE with pretty paper.  While I do not scrapbook, since I figure you need to have a "real " life for that, I do enjoy making pretty little cards, home decor and  nifty gifties for my friends!  I am especially fond of reinventing existing treasures that anyone else would consider trash!As soon as I figure out what I'm doing here, I'll post some pictures, ideas and some how-to's.I'm so happy you decided to stop by and welcome me to my new cyber home!
See you soon!